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Bookaxe is the new book discovery and reader community app where you will find book recommendations to your taste and lots of book reviews from readers like you – and all for free.

Whatever type of books you love, from fantasy and science fiction, to crime and thrillers, to romance and young adult fiction and even non-fiction, we’ll have the perfect book recommendations to suit your taste. Create and share your virtual bookshelves, connect with likeminded readers and get highly personalised book recommendations that perfectly suit your taste. We cut through media hype to match the right books to the right readers, every time.

Reasons bookworms love Bookaxe

We go beyond traditional fiction genres, getting into the nitty gritty of what a book’s style and content is really like in order to match our readers to books. This means that – as well as searching by genres such as fantasy and young adult fiction – readers can be more targeted in their searches, and we can make more precise and reliable book recommendations.

We get to know our readers. Axe one of our reading recommendations and, over time, Bookaxe learns your likes and dislikes and puts new and better books in their place. You can also filter searches by categories such as classics, science fiction or contemporary fiction.

We put the views of likeminded readers first. We believe that what matters most isn’t how many people say a book is worth reading, but who says it’s worth reading. By creating detailed profiles for every Bookaxe reader and showing you the opinions of people with similar taste in books first, we ensure that readers can trust our reviews.

We connect book lovers from across the world. Our vibrant community of bookworms discusses all things bookish in our Bookchats, from the intricacies of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, to buddy reads of literary classics, fantasy bestsellers, women’s fiction and much, much more!

We encourage our readers to share their personality. Bookaxe readers create, organise and annotate their own virtual bookcases, adding written and video book reviews before sharing them. Explore the bookshelves of likeminded readers too to find your perfect read, and Bump a bookcase you love to follow it.

We help our readers follow the latest book trends, keeping the up-to-date with the Best Rated Books and Most Read Books on Bookaxe, as well as which books are being enjoyed by readers just like them.

We save our readers money by allowing them to set the price they are willing to pay for books on their TBR. We continually monitor dozens of global retailers and send alerts when thresholds are met.

Bookaxe was born from a feeling of being overwhelmed. We are passionate about books but there are probably as many half-read novels on our shelves as ones we’ve finished. Buying books isn't cheap. They take more of our time and effort than watching a DVD. We invest our emotions and have high expectations. To not enjoy a novel is frustrating. To give up completely feels like a waste. We wanted to be sure that every time we cracked the spine on a new book, we were going to be getting a read we truly loved.

Get started on Bookaxe today and find your perfect read!

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