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Bookkeeping -Sale PurchaseAccounting | Bahi Khata app

Manage sale purchase records, daily cash & credit balance | Sale Expense Tracker

Bookkeeping App is free sale purchase accounting software for small business. Record cash & credit for all sale purchase entries.

Bookkeeping app is a sale purchase accounting software to manage the earnings & expenses of your business, track the final balance. Bookkeeping replaces your offline Bahi Khata with online Bahikhata app to manage business easily.

Who can use the Bookkeeping?

For Business- Now manage all sale & purchase records easily, track daily sale & purchase balance without any calculator. No need to calculate the total amount to add entries.

Credit / Cash Manager - Record cash & credit for sales purchase entries to track your total cash & credit to maintain your cash flow. You can create a separate book for every type of record, for example - supply, employee expenses, retail sale, bulk sale, etc.

Manage Cash Book - Add cash transactions of sale purchase cash entries for cash management. You can check all the Cash Only entries by filtering the Cash entries.

Manage Udhar Bahi Khata / Credit Bookkeeping - Add credit transactions of sale purchase entries for Udhar / Credit management. You can check all the Credit Only entries by filtering the Credit entries.

Cash & Credit Tracker - Easily track cash & credit of every entry separately. Also, track daily final cash & credit for everyday.

Manage all entries - Add entries for every sale & purchase. You just need to add the product price & quantity to automatically calculate the total amount.

Report Generator Tool - Easily generate & export PDF reports to share on WhatsApp with customers or accountants for advance accounting work.

Balance Dashboard - track total balance, total sale, total purchase on the dashboard without any calculation. You can also see the daily total balance to track the total balance.

For Sales people - Simply manage your sales in the Bookkeeping app. No need to carry the paper book to maintain the records. Export reports in PDF format to share with clients.

For Individuals - Use Bookkeeping app to track your all expenses and earnings. Sale is your earning, Purchase is your expense. Adding product details will help you to keep track of every detail and help to better analyze your expenses. Share image receipts for any entry or export PDF report to share with friends or accountants.

Categorize expenses - Create a new book for every type of record.

Day to day expense manager - create record of every cash & credit transaction to keep record of daily expenses.

Features of Bookkeeping -
- Multiple books: Tap on Book Name to see all the added books. Tap on “Create New Book” to add a new book.

- Record all sales & purchases entries: Tap on the “Sale” button to add a new sale entry. Similarly, Tap on the “Purchase” button to add a new purchase entry.

- Add Product details in every entry - Add product price, quantity to get the Total Amount. Total Amount = Price * Quantity. Add Cash amount to get the Credit. Credit = Total Amount - Cash Amount.

- Delete Entries : Delete unnecessary entries to clear the clutter.
- Export PDF reports - Download & Share PDF reports to share with clients or friends.

- Share entry receipts - Share receipt of any transaction with customers for quotations.

- Search entries - Search any entry by correspondent client name or product name.

- Filters - filter entries by date, sale, purchase, cash, credit

- Real-time calculations - All the calculations happen in real time and instantly. For example - Total Amount, Credit, Daily Final Cash, Daily Final Credit, Total Sale, Total Purchase.

- 100% safe & secure

- 100% automatic data backup

- Works without Internet - You can add entries without internet and your data gets auto-sync up once your device gets connected with the internet.

Use Bookkeeping for:
- Managing sale records
- Purchase record management
- Track total sale & purchase amount
- Track daily total balance
- Cash Book
- Business Ledger Book
- Accounting App


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