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While learning or doing projects in digital electronics, you may come across many tedious calculations. That is where DIGITAL ELECTRONICS CALCULATOR comes in. Using it, you can do all the stuff that you would do on a regular calculator. However, you can even do so much more that is never possible on a regular calculator. Harness the real power of your phone/tablet by using it to solve the problems in a much faster and an efficient way.


Simplification / Minimization of a Boolean function :
1) From Boolean expression/equation.
2) From truth table i.e. by entering minterms and dont cares.
3) Quine McCluskey method or Tabulation method (locked)

4) Interactive Karnaugh Map Solver ( or KMap Solver ) for boolean functions of upto 5 variables

Conversions among following:
5) Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal and Decimal bases.
6) Any two custom bases. (upto a maximum of base 36)
7) Binary and grey code
8) BCD, Excess-3, 84-2-1, 2421 codes (locked)

Calculations :
9) Arithmetic calculations (+,-,/,*) in any base. (upto a maximum of base 36)
10) R's and R-1's complement
11) Cannonical SOP and POS Generator from a boolean equation

12) Custom build keyboards which help you enter the equations and numbers with ease.
13) Very user friendly, clean and intuitive UI.
14) Detailed help and tips within the app.

... And ... New features are added actively and we would love to add the features that you suggest on a priority basis.

Please note that locked features can be unlocked using virtual currency within app for free or using in-app purchases.

Submit any feedback or concerns at nrapps.help@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you.

What's New

* Added step by step solution in Boolean expression minimization
* Bug fixes and Design improvements.

Email: nrapps.help@gmail.com

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