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Jun 9, 2020
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Bow Hunter 2017 E Game

Bow Hunter 2017

Now hunt deer in the American Northwest and Southwest. White tail, black tail, and mule deer roam the plains and mountains in BH 2017! Improved Deer flight responses, upgraded arrow flight, camo effects emphasized and improved, full tournaments in both western terrains!

Now there are three Bow Hunter games, Bow Hunter 2015 and 2016 are both Hunting in the North and South Eastern areas of the United States.

Bow Hunter 2017 is hunting in the American West!

Three day Tournaments so players can win Cash, Gold, and OBucks! See the Bow Hunter 2015/2016/2017 Facebook page for Tournament Dates.

The Cash Tournaments are five Hunts per day for three days. Day 1 hunts count 1 times score! Day 2 hunts count 2X score. Day 3 Hunts count 4X score. Play every day to be on top of the Leaderboard!

Play hunts over and over each day to try to get your best score. Only the highest score will be recorded for the Leaderboard.

To get the highest score, which requires accuracy, speed, fewest arrows shot, you must make each shot count, use the most powerful bow you can, and get the kill in as fast as possible! Use your thermal imager to put the arrow right in the heart or lungs!

Archery, Hunting, and Deer Hunting in detailed three dimensional terrains combine in the Bow Hunter 2017 simulation of outdoor game action. White Tail deer, Mule deer, and Black Tail deer are all sought as hunting trophies in the Bow Hunter 2017 simulation.

Players can stalk or hunt from tree stands in detailed 3D terrains using all the techniques of real bow hunting including powerful bows, special arrows, optics, and camouflage of the player’s choice.

The deer in the simulation are easily spooked and will run quickly from the hunter if the hunter does not use the proper bow hunting techniques. The simulation contains over 200 hunts, with increasing difficulty, requiring better and better equipment, techniques, and hunting expertise.

Bow Hunter 2017 does take a powerful device to play - you need 1 Gig of RAM and a dedicated GPU, (graphics processor unit) to play the BH 2017 sim. Please check your device specifications here to determine if you can play BH 2017.

Send email to if you have any issues playing the BH 2017 game and let us know your device and we will check it out!


• Minimum 1GB RAM
• Dedicated GPU [optimal: Adreno]
• Armv7 Processor
• OpenGL ES 2.0 support
• At least 300-400Mb RAM free
• 300Mb device storage
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