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Mathematical simulation of pressure in aorta

This is a mathematical simulation for educational purposes. The values are not real data. This BPSIM application simulates the pressure in the aorta based on the following parameters given by the user:

* Heart rate
* duration of systole
* compliance of the aorta
* total peripheral resistance
* stroke volume

All of the parameters can be changed with the sliders.
The simulated continuous blood pressure, the flow into the left ventricle and the systolic and diastolic pressure curves depending on time are displayed. The mean arterial pressure (MAP), the volume/time and the pressure (according to Riva Rocci) and its difference are displayed.

The program was written by Ralf Mrowka. (C) 1991-2019. The model parameters are taken form the book: James E. Randall, Microcomputers and Physiological Simulation, Addison Wesley, 1981, ISBN 0-201-06128-7

Disclaimer: This Application does not display the blood pressure or any physiological or medical parameter of the user or any other existing creature. It should not be used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. For educational purposes only.


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0.3 (3) Jul 31, 2019

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