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Meet the new world through the maze

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UpdatedNov 21, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Brain Maze is a classic maze puzzle for kids and adults.
This maze game is helpful for brain development.
This maze game is easy to control for everybody. Just swipe your fingers up,down,left and right
Challenge hundreds of levels. You can do it!

- Simple rules and easy control
- Fun and exciting play
- No time limits, No wifi
- Game file is as low as 12M, light-weight download!
- Support both Phones and Tablets.

[Solving mazes]
Maze solving is the act of finding a route through the maze from the start to finish. Some maze solving methods are designed to be used inside the maze by a traveler with no prior knowledge of the maze, whereas others are designed to be used by a person or computer program that can see the whole maze at once.

The mathematician Leonhard Euler was one of the first to analyze plane mazes mathematically, and in doing so made the first significant contributions to the branch of mathematics known as topology.

Mazes containing no loops are known as "standard", or "perfect" mazes, and are equivalent to a tree in graph theory. Thus many maze solving algorithms are closely related to graph theory. Intuitively, if one pulled and stretched out the paths in the maze in the proper way, the result could be made to resemble a tree.

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