Music Reduces Stress and Affects our Mood, Emotions, Improves Memory & Attention

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Always wear "Earphones/Headphones" while listening to binaural beats music to enjoy highest Effectiveness.

Relax Music makes us happy, gives us confidence, it excites us and makes us cry. There is always the right moment to listen to music. Some make music their way of life and profession. It is difficult to meet a person who would not like any kind of music.

The meaning of music for the brain: discover the power of music and 7 ways to influence it in humans.

The advertising industry skillfully manipulates our perception of certain products only with the help of music. Film art also does not stand aside, playing with our emotional state through music. And indeed, music is able to simulate our mood.

There are people who see colors, feel the tastes or smells associated with music. There are also cases when we cannot get a song out of our heads. What is so special about music, why do we like it so much?

The US Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Department conducted a study called Brain Music (music for the brain).

The purpose of this study was to help people working in emergency and first aid areas. The study was aimed at reducing the level of labor stress of these people and increasing productivity to the optimum level through music.

The concept of “Music for the Brain” is to use the frequency, amplitude and duration of musical sounds in order to change the state of the human brain from an This music is created from our own brain waves and can help treat problems such as insomnia, fatigue and headaches caused by stress.

Scientists transformed registered brain waves of study participants into music. And they proved that the compositions obtained were effective for relaxing the participants or for activating their attention. Musical compositions aimed at relaxation were reminiscent of the sounding works of Chopin, and those that allowed you to activate attention were similar to the music of Mozart.

Listening to soothing and enjoyable music activates the brain's reward chains in the same way as certain biologically significant stimulants, according to this study.

The reward chain is formed by various areas of the brain that belong to the limbic system, which is responsible for emotional processes. In these areas, with the participation of the hormone dopamine, a number of chemical processes are launched that are involved in the formation of feelings of pleasure.

These reward systems are activated naturally through food (high in sugar and fat), as well as sex, love, or sympathy. Thus, nature ensures that we will actively strive to meet these basic needs necessary for the survival of the human species. Such as drugs and gambling, which activate the same brain processes. These stimulants can be addictive, associated with the amount of pleasure they produce.

According to a Stanford University study , listening to music helps us anticipate events and maintain focus. But it is obvious that we cannot generalize all types of music. In particular, this study used the cutting of baroque music by composer William Boyce.

Our musical tastes speak of our personality,
The study was conducted among adolescents and yielded interesting, although rather conflicting results. People who prefer heavy music (metal, rock ..) are most likely independent by nature or conformists, may have low self-esteem and doubts about themselves. These people tend to be more conflicted, they should work to build social ties. People who prefer light music try to do the right thing and keep their emotions in check. They have difficulty finding a balance between independence and dependence on their peers. Teenagers with mixed or varied tastes have less age problems, do not have a corresponding conflict.

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