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Brain Buzzer is a Puzzle Game to Stimulate Your Brain! The best thing about this game is you have to complete the tasks in a challenging time limit. There are variety of simple and tricky brainstorming puzzles are included to test your analytical and logical skills. The best puzzle game for kids, women, men, all ages and genders!. You will not only enjoy the game but also gradually improve these skills-concentration, attention, memory, problem solving, focus, vocabulary building.The KING of BRAIN TEASERS!
9 Brain Puzzle Games:-
WORD SEARCH: Very interesting word search brain games puzzles. Varies difficulty from easy to tough. Good brain games puzzles to improve logical and cognitive skills. Helps to improve vocabulary building. Word Search game need to find word in a given block.
ANAGRAM: Discover hidden words from mixed letters. This game helps you learn, practice and improve English skills. It’s very useful for vocabulary building. Brain Games which can improve your English skills with Free Fun. Good collection of Words.
MATCH STICK: MATCHSTICK is a classic brain training puzzle game that everyone has played at least once. This puzzle will surely buzz your mind :P
SUPER MATH: Keep your mind sharp and alert by using Math Challenge to boost your mental powers. Improve your math skills by playing these brainstorming brain games puzzles.
PATTERN GAME: Memorize the locations of the bubbles that flip over with increasing numbers of bubbles. Brain Games Puzzles which improve your memory skills
FOLLOW UP: Memorize a sequence of numbers and tap the numbers in increasing orders.
COLOR GAME: Practice for your brain's working memory and processing speed.
FIND PAIR: You must memorize a board with several pairs of disordered images.
SWIFT MEMORY: Improves and tests your short-term memory

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