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Brain Exercise Pro is multiplayer online brain exercise to enhance brain power

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Everyone ask to go to gym to keep our body fit and disease free, but most of the people ignore the same for our most vital and important organ, BRAIN!!. The brain exercise does the same what gym do to us physically. Brain Exercise keep our brain and neutrons health and fit. Study says that exercising brain daily help individual to excel in their life. Our mental activity is the key to our long-term success.

We agree most of people in this world do more complex work, but when we do a same complex work everyday, makes our brain learn the pattern to do that complex work easily. So we require different kind of complex work to keep the brain increasing the mental power.

Brain Games is important for intelligence enhancement.

Intelligence is not a fixed characteristic that you are simply born with. Here in this game we work hard to keep your brain on its toes, to ensure that you can reach your fullest potential. Whether you want to improve your memory, become more intelligent or have a better attention span - we are here to help you. Give it a go and start training with us today.

Benefit of brain fitness -

1. Faster Thinking
2. Better Memory
3. Getting Things done more easily and organised
4. Trying new things with easy and less effort
5. Finding words
6. Sharper Listening
7. Sharper Vision
8. Quicker Reactions
9. Self Confident

Researchers have found that just two hours spent with brain training games, which typically test your brain's processing speed, can give you a mental edge over untrained peers even a year later. "Participants played the training game for 2 hours on this app, some with an extra 4-hour ‘booster’ session later, or for 1 hours at home. A control group worked on computerized crossword puzzles for 1 hours on site. Researchers measured the mental agility of all 621 subjects before the brain training began, and again one year later, using eight well-established tests of cognitive performance.

Benefits of Brain Exercise Pro app -

1. IQ tool to increase brain power and rapid thinking.
2. It helps you to think instantly and correctly.
3. Eleven sets of question target all part of brain.
4. Increase mental power, neutron pattern, fast thinking, IQ,
5. Become a brainy kid, and ace in your class.
6. Mental Power, Brain Exerciser, Intelligence, rapid thinking, IQ enhancer.
7. Getting rid of calculator and start doing calculation in mind.
8. Solving complex task with ease and perfection.

What's New

- Onine: False opponent left issue fixed !

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