Brain Game APK

Brain Game. Designed to exercise your brain.

Version1.13 (13)
UpdatedJul 26, 2016 (4 years ago)
CategoryGames, Puzzle

1. Brain Game is especially designed to exercise your brain.
2. Requires no special permissions to run.
3. Free small size puzzle.

Brain cells are activated by concentrating to remember the items in short span of time and complete the game with less moves.
This game can be played by kids of age 2+. This will help them to remember the items as well as help them to match the shapes and numbers.

1. Click Play to start the game
2. Cards will be displayed for configured time period(Default is 4 seconds) and then cards will be flipped back
3. On clicking card, actual content of card will be displayed and then card will be flipped back
4. If 2 consecutive cards selected are of same number or same image, then 2 cards will disappear
5. Continue with rest of cards till all cards disappear.
6. When all cards disappear, Success message will be displayed.
7. You can measure the total number of moves and actual time taken for completion.

1. Background Theme, Cards type (Lion/Rose) and Observation time are configurable
2. Observation time is the duration during which cards with content will be displayed. This will help to watch the content and remember. We cannot click card during this observation period.

Email: laksh.sainath@gmail.com

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