Recruit the underworld’s brave souls and battle evil in this real-time 3D ARPG!


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May 17, 2023
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Brave Souls: Viscera Espada is a 3D anime RPG with cutting-edge graphic quality and world-class combat design. It is an epic game featuring the return of classic characters you loved in the original Brave Souls and then some!
Right now, we stand at a crossroads and the fate of humanity rests in your hands. If you fail to become one with Viscera Espada, there will be no turning back.
You get to play as a Viscera Espada of your choice and recruit over 50 other powerful Espada units in your quest to rule the Soul Arena, fighting against other players through 5v5 squad battles. In this epic anime RPG, your Castle is unique and serves as your safe haven where you can upgrade buildings, forge new magic weapons, cook new food recipes and have adventures on quests that will give you rare items for forging.
Enter an epic world in Brave Souls: Viscera Espada, an action RPG created by a team of veterans. This game is filled with adrenaline-fueled combat, deep character customization and a massive variety of weapons. As you progress, you can choose from over 100 different skills and abilities to suit your style of play - whether you prefer to run around cutting down your foes or strategically flank them from the shadows.

-Explore the Soul Arena
-Challenge the world's best Reaper teams to be the Death Reaper champion
-Fight tooth and nail to climb the harsh ladder of glory to the top of the pedestal
-Check out this epic 3D anime RPG with cutting-edge graphic quality and world-class combat game design
-Learn more about the Death Reapers and Soul Arena
-Help students become stronger and survive the battle with Masks
-Free to play
-3D anime RPG with shifting perspectives and dazzling art
-Cutting-edge graphics and world-class combat systems

Become one with the Viscera Espada and thwart evil as a brave soul in this action RPG full of adrenalin!
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