Bravo assault commando attack APK

Download and play the most epic war game and be the champion of this war series.

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedSep 07, 2017 (3 years ago)
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Reload your super fury machine gun for the counter attack of the terrorist and shoot them all in just one fire gun.
The full of action-based SWAT counter fire shot game is waiting for the elite combo army striker to face the threats of the battle field and make this war a survival army combat warrior. You are all alone in this ultimate counter shooting frontline mission. You as a lone wolf commander have to defeat all the enemies and make their bad plan into failure. Take a strong aim on the target and shoot them all from your fury sniper bullet proof gun.
There are many modern army weapons, will be given to you for your protection like:
RGP(rocket propelled gun)
The ultimate M16 for the long range attacks on the enemies. You also have the option of MP5 and the dangerous MG42 which will help you in the dark nights attack. For the destruction of the tanks and the base camps of the enemies you have the AK47 and the grenade.
And many more anti-aircraft guns to take this operation to a death end. For your safety you have the reloaded pistols and the most modern machine gun. Sharp and fast sniper gun for this mission and many more. The enemies are crossing their limits, but you as the IGI trained officer have to beat them and destroy all the base camps and the networks and this is your duty to firstly weak the power of the rivals by vanishing the tanks and their cobra coppers. There will be the cobra helicopter and the most important army f16 heli and rescue the world from the terror and pull the trigger and kill it.
You’re shooting hoops skills and your strategy plays a very important role in this operation of the force counter critical strike. You as a frontier commando have to be very clever in your very action and should have the fully focus on the mission and stay calm and do not lose the patience.
This is the most epic war and you have to act like a brave army rescuer and infantry every corner of the down town and finish the blackout from the world by playing this city street war zone.
fully armed- forced base grenade man graphics
easy to handle the assault rifles and other
reloading option and also the facility of army medics
dangerous missions to un-lock
Thrilling and adventurous war combat zone locations and sound system.

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