Brawl Tribe APK

A fast-paced real-time battle royale game.

Version1.11 (11)
UpdatedJul 29, 2020 (4 months ago)
CategoryGames, Action

BRAWL Tribe is a fast-paced real-time battle royale game. Players will act as a barbarian who create the tribe, join battles, conduct adventures, collect treasures and ultimately lead the tribe to become a powerful and prestigious one. During the 6-minute intense battle, players and their enemies compete to beat each other as many times as they can and become the most dominant barbarian.

Eating mushroom grants players experience that is used to level up and pick up new skills as each match progresses. As players get stronger in these games, they typically become physically bigger and acquire new abilities that help them stave off the competition as they become an increasingly attractive target. When players level up during the battle, they can choose a random skill (maximum 5 skills). A variety of different skills allow players to adopt suitable tactics and collaborate with teammates to win the game. The game also features items that can be picked up, including bombs, honey, meat, and other random items.

Adventure mode requires players to activate roguelike maps and conduct further exploration of the game. Complete the mission of each level,unlock the next one and keep progressing!

Like other IO style games, levels and items gained during each match are reset after the match is over. Players do however earn gold that they can use to upgrade their skills and acquire pets that can give them a leg up in combat.

Players can unlock and strengthen a variety of barbarian heroes. New barbarian heroes can be unlocked by specific items. Levelling up heroes consumes trophies, which can be obtained by PVP and PVE battle. In order to upgrade heroes, players need to level up their tribes with extra unique items.

- Fascinating 3D style IO battle royale game
- Fast-paced real time 3v3v3 PVP team battle
- Challenging PVE roguelike adventure modes
- Custom weapon enchants and upgrades
- Tribe up with friends and climb up to the leaderboards
- Unlock barbarian heroes with unique skills and grow them stronger
- Constantly upcoming new contents
- Pets system: pets joining the battle

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrawlTribe/

Discord: https://discord.gg/SJGnVFx

Email: guanxiaotong2017@gmail.com

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