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UpdatedJul 04, 2019 (9 months ago)
Release dateApr 11, 2019 (12 months ago)

Natural breast feeding help tips & advises for a healthier baby & mom

All mammals are born with responses that Mother Nature builds in to enable them to get to their food source and feed. Yet today, the way most mothers are taught to breastfeed ignores what our babies bring to the table, making early breastfeeding harder than it needs to be. It’s no wonder then that during the first week after birth, 92% of the nursing mothers in one study reported major breastfeeding challenges.

Instead of tackling individually each breastfeeding issue-latching struggles, milk supply concerns, sore nipples--what if there was a single way to address many challenges at once? That’s what Natural Breastfeeding is all about.

This app is your guide which contains tips and advises for a better natural breastfeeding

This app will tell you how:
Breastfeeding your baby
Good positioning and attachment
Attachment signs
How often will my baby feed?
Building your milk supply
Managing problems
Dad with his baby
How you can help as a Dad
What you need to know as a Dad
Increasing your breast milk supply
What are some reasons for a low supply?
Typical baby behavior
What is normal for mum?
How do I know that baby is getting enough milk?
If your supply is low
How to increase your supply
Oversupply of breast milk
How breast milk oversupply affects your baby
How breast milk oversupply affects you
Diagnosing breast milk oversupply
Treatment of breast milk oversupply
Breastfeeding your newborn: What to expect in the first week
When should I start breastfeeding my newborn?
What if the birth doesn’t go to plan?
Is my baby latching on correctly?
How often should a newborn feed?
Do I need a newborn feeding schedule?
Will breastfeeding hurt?
How often will my newborn poo and wee?
Is my baby getting enough breast milk?
What are the benefits of breastfeeding for your baby?
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breastfeeding support organizations
breastfeeding help near me
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lactation consultant
breastfeeding help hotline
lactation cookies
la leche league
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breastfeeding tips
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Breastfeeding Tips 👶 APK