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Easy Mindful breathing exercise, Practice proven breathing exercises on the go.

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Breathing Exercise - The Breathing App is just one screen app that focuses on mindful breathing exercises on the go.

Pause and Focus on your Breath : Just Breathe

Use the app to take guided breathing exercises and breath training. Just select the preset and start. You can even customize it.

- Just one screen,
- No analytics and no complex features.
- Take breathing exercises from wherever you are.

It is designed in a very intuitive way that you wont even need a video that tells you how to use it.

Its Free Forever.
No ads, no In-App purchases.

Mindful breathing happens when you focus on your breath. The inhale and the exhale.
Mindful breathing is a meditation tool to create a healthy and happy day for you
When we breathe, we don’t generally focus on it as breathings are natural. We never learned to give our attention while breathing. Our app is designed to provide you with the time to focus on it.

This meditation scheme will make you feel relaxed. And most surprisingly, you only have to devote 5 minutes of your day to practice focused breathing. You will feel the difference after 5 minutes. 🙏🙏🙏

How to do breathing exercises:
Find a quiet place to start
Sit comfortably while your spine should be erected
Set the intention to focus on your breathing
Start the app, and you will see it says breathe in, hold and breathe out
Focus on your breath as best as you can, let other thoughts to vanish
Try to synchronize your inhalation and exhalation with the breathing app
Keep practicing daily

Our mindful breathing app will help you when you are going through severe frustration, depression, anxiety, stress, and negative emotions. When you breathe mindfully, your body, mind, and brain become relaxed, and you gain more focus. When we are mindful, we do everything flawlessly.

Focused breathing practice is one of the things that will help you gain clarity of everything, a better perspective, and the best life.
Install our breathing app and practice these techniques to develop your peace of mind, focused brainpower, consciousness, compassion, and gratefulness.
Happy breathing. 😇😇😇

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Mindfulnessbreathing practice couldn't be simpler, Take a good seat, pay attention to the breath, and when your attention wanders, return.

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