Bricks Breaker Clash APK

The best Brick Breaker game, simple and casual but never easy

Version1.5.9 (1590)
UpdatedJul 01, 2020 (1 month ago)
CategoryGames, Arcade

How to play

- Swipe across the screen to set the direction to which the ball will fly
- Destroy the bricks by throwing the ball in the set direction
- When the ball hits the bricks, the durability of the bricks in the block will be reduced
- The bricks are destroyed when the durability goes down to zero
- The stage is cleared if you remove all the blocks
- The game ends when the block comes all the way down to the bottom of the screen
- Find the best launch angle that can hit all the bricks
- Destroy all the blocks while avoiding moving blocks

Game Features

- Free Download
- Three play modes
- Classic mode
- Stage mode
- 100-Ball mode
- Various stages
- Easy controls
- Simple rules
- Can play with one hand



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