Bridal Beauty Pro is the best way to organise all your wedding bookings.

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Create a file for each bride and have all your bride’s wedding day details, inspiration pictures, trial records and photos, together in one app.

Stay Organised
Bridal Beauty Pro allows professional bridal hair & makeup artists to create a file for each bride, and add photos along with structured notes. The images can be from your phone/tablet’s photo storage, saved from an app like an email client or taken directly from the camera.

Don’t forget a thing
With specific sections for your bride’s Hair & Makeup look you design at her trial, you will have all the information you need for each bride, all in one place, on her wedding day.

Take a picture, it’ll last longer
Bridal Beauty Pro keeps all your bride’s inspiration pictures, along with the images you take at her trial together in one place, so you can repeat the look on her wedding day without having to hunt through your email and photos.

Find it fast
With instant searching and the ability to makeup phone calls and get directions from your Maps directly from the app, you’ll always be organised. When the wedding is done, simply archive the file with one

Stay backed up
Your data is all backed up to the cloud so you don’t miss a thing. Fair play limits apply.

Keep in sync
You can install Bridal Beauty Pro on multiple devices including phones and tablets and it will sync your bookings and photos so they are always at your fingertips.

Share it
Work with someone who doesn’t have Bridal Beauty Pro? You can easily share a booking via email.

What's New

Bridal Beauty Pro has undergone a makeover. With a completely new design and improved functionality, Bridal Beauty Pro will keep all your bookings organized.

New features include:

- a Contacts page for easy reference
- an upcoming Calendar page
- Calendar syncing with iCalendar & Google Calendar

Latest Version

Bridal Beauty Pro 2.0

Updated: 2019-03-09 (8 months ago)

2.0 (200000) 2019-04-16 (101074) 2018-07-08 (101071) 2017-08-02
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