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Nov 13, 2022
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| “Tantalizing math, physics, and CS challenges” — The New York Times

Learn math, science, and computer science through fun, interactive problem solving. Brilliant is the free app with thousands of hands-on lessons perfect for students, professionals, and lifelong learners of any age.

Explore 60+ courses designed by award-winning teachers and researchers, covering everything from the basics of algebra, geometry, and physics to cutting-edge topics like artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Join over 10 million people using Brilliant to learn something new, hone their skills, or lay the groundwork for a new career.

What makes Brilliant so…brilliant?
*A better way to learn.
The best way to learn anything is by doing it. Research shows that interactive learning is 6x more effective than watching lecture videos.

*Clear, visual explanations.
With Brilliant, you don’t just learn the correct answer — you learn why it’s correct. Simple, visual explanations walk you through the ideas behind concepts, so that you actually understand them.

*Boost your problem-solving skills.
Forget everything you’ve memorized. Through interactive lessons and step-by-step explanations, Brilliant helps grow your skills in critical thinking and creative problem solving.

*Learn new ways of thinking.
See the world like a mathematician or scientist. The skills you’ll learn on Brilliant can be applied far beyond the classroom or office.

*Courses for all levels.
From total beginners to professionals, Brilliant meets you where you are. Explore basic to advanced courses in algebra, geometry, calculus, logic, statistics and probability, scientific thinking, physics, quantum mechanics, neural networks, and beyond.

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