Broken Glass live wallpaper & prank app APK

Broken Glass live wallpaper & prank app

Broken Glass wallpaper & prank app. Create cracked screen or make joke


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Apr 27, 2021

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Broken Glass live wallpaper & prank app App

Cracked screen live wallpaper and prank app. Two in one. Create your own cracked screen. Super live wallpaper with many options. You may choose one of four backgrounds with cracked screen prepared by us. You can create your own cracked screen also. You may choose from four types of cracks and four blank background, which you can fill the cracks.
How to create your own cracked screen:
- Select a background in the Background Color
- Select the type of cracks in the Cracks Type
- Select size of cracks
Touch the phone's display. You will hear the sound of breaking screen and you'll see a crack. If you want to remove crack double-click on them.
A single touch of screen - you will see crack.
Double-click a crack - will disappears.
You can do joke your friends. Choose option set cracked screen prank. In settings you can choose type of cracks. Next, choose start cracked screen. So now you can make joke for your friends. For example, you can ask friend to touch the phone screen. When a friend will touch the display, they hear the sound of breaking glass and will see a simulated broken screen.
In case of any problems with the effect of Broken Glass, instead of giving us the negative opinion, please send us an e-mail and review briefly the problem. It will help us to solve it in the next updates of cracked screen application.
Broken glass live wallpaper and prank app is free but contains ads settings of the wallpaper. Revenue from advertising will help us to create new attractive wallpapers and applications. All permissions are required only for advertising and are supported by trusted vendors.
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