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Broth and Stock Recipes
Broth and stocks are important ingredients for many recipes. They are most widely used in making soup. A perfect stock is needed for perfect soup. It is very technical to make the perfect broth and stock. But if recipe is properly followed, then anyone could make them. They can be easily stored in freezer for long period. We often remember the taste of the soup that grandma or mom used to make. The actual taste of that soup was in the broth and stock recipe. At home, traditionally stocks are made in different times and stored for round the year. The flavors are stored into it by simmering for several hours.
Generally soups are prepared mainly with a certain broth or stock and adding water and flavor to it. Broth and stock include rich aroma and taste. They can be made of different elements such as beef, chicken, fish, vegetable, asparagus, lobster, corn etc. You may make stock of anything depending upon the flavor and taste. How you are using the element may also change the flavor. For example, chicken stock is far different from roasted chicken stock. The difference is in the way of using the same element chicken.
The broth and stock recipe is nothing difficult. Firstly one has to determine the specific flavor of the stock. Depending on the flavor one should choose the ingredients. Different broth and stock require different ingredients. The recipe is to take all the ingredients together and put them to simmer. The simmering temperature should be in between 190 to 200 degrees. Simmering time also varies from stocks to stocks. It also depends upon how thick you want your stock to be. Fish stock takes approximately one and a half hour to simmer. Vegetable stocks are ready in less than forty five minutes. It is the fastest stock preparation. Chicken needs at least two hours to simmer in order to making chicken stock. Other meat stocks take long period of time. Beef, mutton and other large animal bones need to roasted first. Then they take about six hours to simmer.
After simmering, it is time for filtering and straining. The liquid that you have strengthened needs to be strained so that it would contain fresh stock only. For straining purpose there is strainer available. Or you could use cheesecloth in order to straining. All the other ingredients that you have added would be strained away. You would get the fresh stock liquid. Your stock is ready. It can be used to make soup instantly. Or you could store it in freezer like this.
Broth and stocks are enriched with strong flavor and great taste. For the very reason, they are used in various recipes. They are the key ingredient of some recipe like soup. They are very easy to make in some simple steps. Making broth and stock comes with an advantage that they can be stored for long. The strong flavor remains whenever you tend to use them.

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