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UpdatedAug 27, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperTonie Levisa
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What you will need to rock this themes :

🔘 Install KLWP Pro key from here (play store)
🔘 Install a custom launcher like Nova Launcher or similar
🔘 Disable dock and statusbar on nova launcher
🔘 Install BTskin

🔘 Open KLWP app and tap on the menu icon on top left, then choose a wallpaper
🔘 Switch in to the "installed" section
🔘 Read the description of the wallpaper that you want to use so you will know how many pages need to use on your homescreen
🔘 Tap on the save icon in the top right corner to apply the wallpaper
🔘 You can check the "Global" section in KLWP so you can customize some part of BTskin with anything you like.

Don't forget to use kustom icon plugin to replace the icon with your fave icon

For any questions, suggestions, improvements, contact the provided email below!

Thank you for using this app!
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i would like to say thanks and credit :
- Irwin Kurniadi
- Brandon Craft
- Carla Jacobs
- Martin Dzousa
- Christoph Schumann
- Fardiyan Amar moro
- Herry Liem
- Galer Vodgals
- Venkatesh Sompari
- Suzanne G
- Suraj hodi
- Amanda Messer

Email: keparatliar666@gmail.com

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