Bubble Keypad Lock Screen APK

Pop bubbles on your screen to make protecting your device fun!

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedMay 25, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperSimpatico Labs
CategoryApps, Personalization

☀ Do you like having fun with bubbles? Then this “bubble lock screen” is just what you need! The ⓞ Bubble Keypad Lock Screen ⓞ is an incredibly interesting “app lock” that you won't be able to stop using! All you need to do to access your files is make a “bubble pop” a couple of times. This “bubble app” serve as both a perfect decoration for your cellphone or tablet, and a security system that provides maximum safety! This is no doubt one of the best “lock screen apps” out on the market right now. It would really burst our bubble if you missed out on this wonderful “app lock download”! So, make the ⓞ Bubble Keypad Lock Screen ⓞ a part of your app list today for free! It's an amazing keyboard lock screen that totally transforms your safety lock!


How to set up your brand new “applock theme”:
1. Click on the app to open it;
2. Check the 'Enable lock screen' option;
3. Type in your preferred password;
4. Enjoy the new look of your screen locker!

The characteristics of this “funny lock screen”:
✫ A lot of amusing “bubble wallpaper” pictures that will make your day;
✫ The app activates by itself when you turn on your device;
✫ Personalized styles for your “bubble keypad”;
✫ Pick your favorite lock screen background, and set as your wallpaper;
✫ See a free preview without changing the screen before you decide if that's the design you want;
✫ Easy-to-use, practical locking app for all ages!


☀ A beautiful “bubble background” is exactly what you need to refresh the look of your old, generic screen lock! The ⓞ Bubble Keypad Lock Screen ⓞ will allow you to use a really pleasing “bubble code” which is bound to make you play around with it! As a matter of fact, you might even enjoy it so much that you don't even want to “unlock your phone” - just burst random bubbles! It's an unbelievably satisfying experience. Aside from being a wonderful lock screen theme, it can also serve as a tool for relieving stress. If you had a long, busy day, and you're on your way back from work via public transport, just take your phone out, and pop some bubbles! You will be amazed by the satisfaction you get from it. As you can see, it's a practical app locker that has two efficient uses! Utilize it however you want!

☀ Don't forget that the ⓞ Bubble Keypad Lock Screen ⓞ is not just a pretty looking ornament for your cellphone's display – it also keeps your files and documents safe from any possible intrusions. It's a highly advanced “app lock with password” that no one will be able to get into without your permission. You just need to set up your lock code, and your data will be safe and sound. Remember: the longer the password is the harder it is for people to unwillingly get to all your files. All of us have some precious photos or messages that we don't want to share with just anyone. With this safety software, you are in control of selecting who gets to see them, and who doesn't.

☀ So, if you're in a search for a cool “bubble theme” to embellish your lock screen with, no need to look further than the ⓞ Bubble Keypad Lock Screen ⓞ. This program has everything a single screen locker can offer – from stunning backgrounds to innovative ways to safely protect your files. Tap on that Download button now, and see what this bubble lock can do firsthand!

Email: simpaticoapps@gmail.com

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