Bubble Level Clintometer-Get Cordinates Of Bubble APK

Bubble level- Surface level clinometer is used for measurement of objects

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An instrument used during construction of a building known as a bubble level or spirit level that simply works on clinometer. Clinometer-Bubble level app is mostly used for the elevation and inclination of any object with respect to gravity of the surface level. It is a most perfect and finest accurate Bubble Level-Instrument to measure precise horizontal and vertical levels. It works as a multi tool like a spirit level or a precise clinometer.
It can give you some amazing features like:
Surface level
Accurate level
Precision is highest
360 clinometer
Carpenter’s level application
Works as a Leveler
Spirit Level
Bubble Level
Spirt Level-Instrument for accurate coordinates level
Surface Level-All measurement clinometer
Protector- You can see x-axis and y-axis
Surface level-Get your surface level accurate
Object Level- Photography level measurement

Clinometer will calibrate with surface level and you can easily decide the floor leveling, level of the objects in photo and all the side levels. Also it used for the alignment of the board, picture and wall etc. You can use it for leveling the table, set and check the inclination of the vehicles. You can check the level of walls. Also you can check the inclination level with the paintings.

You can get the x-axis and y-axis of almost all the objects. Suppose you want to check out the level and the protector to check the level of the buildings under construction and many more measurements to do.

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