BuddyCon APK

The monitoring app for buddycon

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The monitoring app for buddycon.eu

Please use a Plugin version above 2.0.7 for the App

3.0 Complete Redone:
- Native Android App
- No need to set up Android Keys anymore
3.2 Settings Menu added. (De-)Activationg Sound&Vibrate for every Chat Message Type
3.1.5 Uploaded wrong Version with Bug in Notification -.- Now correct!
3.1.4 In the Notification at the start the receiving bot name is shown. Bugfixes
3.1.3 More Bugfixes
3.1.2 Shows Android API Key in Check Service Window
3.1 Service Check Frame integrated
3.3 Bugfixes, Button for the menu, Special letter bugfix
3.3.1 Bugfixes

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