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Bulimia Nervosa Help Calendar - Stop Being Bulimic

2.5 · Jun 06, 2020

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Version2.5 (20500)
UpdatedJun 06, 2020
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Bulimia Nervosa Help Calendar - Stop Being Bulimic app

The number one app to help you stop bulimia! Overcome eating disorder and image

Bulimia among men and women is on the rise. With body image in our culture being on the forefront of our minds, it is no surprise that not people realize that this is a problem and can be highly addicting. Bulimia Nervosa Help Calendar can help you put an end to your bulimia addiction by holding you accountable, offering solutions, words of encouragement, and science based facts that will help you get past your bulimia nervosa.

1. Use our counter to track your progress down to the second.
2. Create your own reasons to quit bulimia, or use one of our scientifically based facts about quitting.
3. Change the look and feel of the app with our skins section to personalize the app to what you want.
4. Add reasons why you would like to see yourself succeed and stop bulimia.
5. Our special panic button will help you send a text to a friend that may be able to help you and be an accountability partner.
6. Our badge system allows you to be rewarded for your success.
7. Our distractions section will help you take your mind off of bulimia and introduce you to something more positive and soothing.
8. Our motivational quotes and testimonials will ensure that you are not alone in this process to shake bulimia.

Bulimia is a potentially life-threatening eating disorder. People with this condition binge eat. They then take steps to avoid weight gain. Most commonly, this means vomiting (purging). But it can also mean excessive exercising or fasting. Treatments include counseling, medications, and nutrition education.

Here are our top 8 reasons to say no to bulimia:

1. Stop feeling isolated from others

It is not easy to explain to others why you have to go to the bathroom and throw up after a meal. Bulimia keeps you in a bubble, and that cannot be a good thing. Social experience is a part of being human, and when you start isolating yourself for being Bulimic, you experience emotional and physical pain.

2. Malnutrition is a big issue

Malnutrition happens when your body is deprived of essential calories and nutrients that you need to survive. The constant food restriction of Bulimia makes your body malnourished and more prone to illnesses and disease.

3. Bulimic dehydration

Mild dehydration will cause dry skin, head rushes, chills, and weakness. More serious dehydration will lead to increased heart rate and heavier breathing. If you let it go any farther than this, you will be at risk for cardiac arrest, seizures, and even unconsciousness.

4. Bulimia makes you lose hair

The lack of nutrients entering your body forces your body to condense its functional responses. Anything that your body feels unnecessary for survival will start to get less nutrients. This starts with your hair. Your hair may thin or start falling out.

5. Random thin hairs will start growing on your body

Your body must compensate for the lack of insulation that your body provides, so in a last ditch attempt to save your internal temperature; you will start growing thin hairs on your face and in other unwanted areas of the body.

6. Bulimia makes your fingernails brittle

This goes back to the lack of nutrition flowing through your body. Your fingernails are not an essential part of your body when you are not getting enough nutrients, so your body will shut down the flow of nutrients to your nails.

7. You could become infertile!

Body fat is essential for menstruation. Not only will you lose your ability to become pregnant, but you will also stop having your period. Some may see this as a perk, but extended periods of this will lead to permanent infertility.

8. Bone loss

With Bulimia, bones become more brittle because of the lack of nutrient delivery. This will lead to having weaker bones and increase the chances of your bones breaking.

If you are having trouble with bulimia or being bulimic, simply download Bulimia Nervosa Help Calendar for FREE and get help now!

Email: info@appdiggity.com

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