Description: Bulldog Pattern Lock Screen APK
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UpdatedApr 23, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Decorate the screen lock pattern with an interesting background

Bulldog Pattern Lock Screen
Bulldog is one of the oldest race dogs in the world originating from England, so it is often known as the English Bulldog. At first the dog is kept as a fighting dog with a wild cow / bull, so that the Bulldog is an aggressive and tough dog. Around 1835, dog battles were prohibited by law in England, so the Bulldogs were kept and bred for different purposes, namely Companion Dog. Gradually, Bulldogs are bred as good human companions, including children. Anatomy also changes from a fairly high dog to a short and funny dog ??and a snub-nosed dog. Currently the Bulldog is known as a good dog friend, not aggressive even though it looks scary. Bulldogs are suitable to be kept in the house as loyal and good family dogs.But the symbol as a tough and brave dog remains attached to the Bulldog. The Bulldog is widely used as a symbol of courage and toughness in the military and national dog pride of England.

The advantage offered by this application is to maintain the confidentiality of your mobile or tablet. Because with this application you can create a lock screen pattern that will keep it safe from people around, because only you yourself know it. Not only that, here we also present interesting images to decorate the background lock pattern according to choice so that your Mobile or Tablet is smarter and not boring. This is beautiful and one of the best applications for customizing your Smartphone or Tablet and added it is absolutely free.
And please remember carefully the pattern that you made by confirming it to not experience difficulties in the future, or you can deactivate this application by pressing the on-off button.

* Pattern
* Free Wallpapers
* HD and FHD Quality
* Work Offline so no need internet connection
* Very easy to set home screen.
* You can customize the wallpaper to fit your screen

Bulldog Pattern Lock Screen An application that won't drain a lot of battery, your smartphone will remain stable

1. Open the application and press the ON button
2. Adjust the screen lock pattern
3. Adjust the background image lock pattern
4. Finish. The screen lock pattern with an interesting background that you already have

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