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Versionv1.7.3 (173)
UpdatedOct 27, 2018
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Bullet Energy Calculator Pro app

Calculate and compare multiple bullet energy and email results summary.

Free, with no adds. Please review.

This app makes it easy and quick to calculate and compare multiple bullet energy at various velocities and mass values.

• Add/remove/copy individual calculators.
• Calculate value for any field.
• Export results through email for backup and sharing (includes CSV file).
• Import calculators (CSV file) to continue editing.
• Individual field unit converters (e.g. convert mass value from grains to ounces).
• Custom app themes including dark/light theme.
• Configurable decimal point accuracy from 0 to 6.
• Set custom titles and notes for each calculator.
• Current calculators saved on exit and loaded next time the app is started.

Mass Units:
• Grains
• Grams
• Ounces
• Pounds
• Kilograms

Velocity Units:
• Feet/Second
• Meter/Second
• Miles/Hour
• Kilometer/Hour

Energy Units:
• Foot-Pounds
• Joules
• PF (kgr · ft / s) - Power Factor (kilo grain feet per second)
• PF (kg · m / s) - Power Factor (kilogram-meter per second)
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