Bungee Train APK

Bungee Train is Track Puzzle Game.

Version1.10 (10)
UpdatedOct 31, 2018 (2 years ago)
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Bungee Train is a puzzle game with mind blowing yet simple stuff! Just make a way for Bungee Train by opening a track and let the bogie pass by its matching colored home box. If you get success, the color of the concerned bogie would change into white.

How to enjoy the game:

1. Open a track so train can run smoothly on the track, if train gets a closed track, game chance will over.
2. The Bungee Train has multiple bogies with different colors and the track has different colored home boxes.
3. Try to make a way by opening a track, so the train can pass by the colored home-box; the concerned bogie would turn into white color if you get success.
4. Just open the tracks let the train run till all the bogies turn into white colored bogie with the concerned home-box situated on the track sides.

Challenge is waiting for you as:

1. Multiple trains are there at the same time to drop the passengers.
2. Quick Play and Tournament are there to twist your mind.

More excitement is there with two modes as:

Jungle Safari and Desert Safari with tougher modes as game moves on.
Enjoy the Bungee Train to twist your brain, a mind game and puzzle track with pretty cool sound track and eye catching graphics.

Just get, this funny Bungee Train as your time killer stock of puzzle games.

Email: jaintaniya2121@gmail.com

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