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Bunker 2021 - Story Horror Game

Episodes: 1 - 2

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NameBunker 2021 APK
VersionEpisodes: 1 - 2 (120)
UpdatedSep 23, 2021
CategoryGames, Adventure

Bunker 2021 - Story Horror Game game

Help the character understand what is happening and go through all the quests!

The main character finds himself in a situation where it is impossible to find a way out without your help!
Help him make the right decisions, overcome all puzzles and solve the mystery of the Bunker!

In the game you will find an interesting and exciting plot in the spirit of classic quests and adventures, simple puzzles for attentiveness and ingenuity, an abundance of enemies, the presence of weapons, as well as resource management.

According to the plot, the main character finds himself in a world where a virus is raging, giving rise to mutants and destroying people. He has to find a secret laboratory, fight with many different creatures and figure out what is happening.

Friends, this game was created by one person, and, so far, has not been completed yet. If you like it, you can write your own review so that I understand that I should continue developing.

The core of the game is a level-based adventure quest.
Each level has its own local goal, based on solving puzzles, shooting enemies, moving speed, and so on.

The game is waiting for you:
- Interesting story!
- Lots of puzzles!
- Offline passage of the story campaign!
- An atmosphere of adventure!

Hope you enjoy the game!
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