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Burundi BCU Kirundi-English Dictionary & Study App


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NameKirundi English Dictionary APK
Version1.5 (6)
UpdatedAug 30, 2020
DeveloperMartin Philipps
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Burundi BCU Kirundi-English Dictionary & Study App App

THE Standard Kirundi - English - French Dictionary

Bujumbura Christian University (BCU) presents: Kirundi - English - French Dictionary & Study App


- study Kirundi with over 200 lessons
- search for over 7.600 Kirundi terms
- search for over 10.600 English and French terms
- enjoy traditional Kirundi tales and fables
- listen to the by native speakers

- with syntax analysis (parsing) of any conjugated verb form, no matter which class, subject, tense or object it contains
- conjugate any Kirundi verb in 25 different tenses

- all Kirundi nouns given with their classes
- all Kirundi verbs given with their past stem

- search for Kirundi plurals (e.g. search for imyāngange -> find umwāngange)
- search for Kirundi past stem of verbs (e.g. find the infinitive of -bangūranije)

- find verbs regardless of their imperative, passive or conjugated form
- vowel markers for long or high tones

- download the printable PDF dictionary (Kirundi/English and English/Kirundi)
- download the 2-volume PDF Kirundi Study Course with over 200 lessons

- create your personal account and access download resources, your study history and become an editor


This unique dictionary is particularly known for the deep cultural insight it provides to many Kirundi terms and has been for many years THE reference work for Kirundi. Written already back in 1969 by Elizabeth "Betty" Ellen Cox, it has now been thouroughly revised, adapted to present-day Kirundi orthography rules and hundreds of new words or meanings have been added.

Kirundi is an African Bantu language spoken by nearly 30.000.000 people in Burundi, Rwanda (there known as Kinyarwanda), Tanzania and the DR Congo.
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