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Jul 13, 2022
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Bus Simulator Indonesia : MOD APP

This application contains a collection of MODs for BUSSID, in this application dozens of mods have been provided with various types of vehicles such as,
buses have jetbus hd2 +, hd, mhd, shd, hdd, uhd, dd, xhd Prime, jb3 +, Avante, Bummel. The trucks have canter trucks, fuso, hino, young oppa canters, anti-gossip canters. There are many more mods in this application which we can add more mods later that you can download easily without extracting.

what are the advantages of this application?
Dozens of mods are available in this application.
Download mods easily without extract.
Mods will be added without having to update the application.
Its small size allows it to be used on all smartphones.
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