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Brush up your Japanese business conversation skills with this App.

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Lesson 1 on this App is free of charge. From Lesson 2 onwards there is a charge of 120 yen (tax included).

Brush up your Japanese business conversation skills with this App. Each lesson has a situation-based “Dialog” and two “Conversation Practice” sections, and these can be practiced using any of three methods: listening, shadowing or roleplaying. With this App you can acquire the conversational skills necessary to smoothly communicate and work effectively with others in a business environment.
Lower intermediate level, 9 lessons

To be most effective, this App should be used in conjunction with the book “Practical Japanese Conversation for Business People – Intermediate 1.” However, it can be used even without the book.

Table of contents
Lesson 1 Welcoming a new employee
Lesson 2 Transferring control of a job
Lesson 3 Visiting a business partner
Lesson 4 Attending a business report meeting
Lesson 5 Going to lunch with people from work
Lesson 6 Making vacation plans
Lesson 7 Making plans to meet someone from an employment agency
Lesson 8 Interviewing with someone from an employment agency
Lesson 9 Having an interview



本アプリは書籍の『人を動かす!実戦ビジネス日本語会話 中級1』といっしょに利用するとより効果的です。*書籍がなくても利用できます。

目次:第1課 新人を歓迎する
   第2課 仕事の引き継ぎをする
   第3課 取引先を訪問する
   第4課 営業報告会に出る
   第5課 職場の人とランチに行く
   第6課 家族と休みの計画を立てる
   第7課 人材紹介会社の人と会う約束をする
   第8課 人材紹介会社の人と面談をする
   第9課 面接を受ける

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