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AMARCOKOLATOS-2020 · Jul 15, 2020

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Business Management Books Offline app

Learn business management and leadership challenges

Business Management Books Offline is an application that contains a collection of theories about business management and leadership.

In running a business, a person needs to explore management science. This business management can help you in managing and running a business properly and correctly in order to achieve the targets set. Without this, your business or business can be messy and neglected.

The problem is, not everyone has a background in management, maybe even you are one of them. So, does this mean you have to go to college for about four years to go into it?

Of course not. However, at least try to learn basic things related to business management, which also includes financial management and marketing. Basically, management functions to regulate the running of your business so that it forms an order that can facilitate you in achieving goals.

This Business Management Books Offline application can be used as an alternative to Business Management ebooks that are very simple but powerful.

Download now ! Business management and leadership study guide books.

Table of Contents
"Strategic Leadership"
"Processes "
"Strategy execution "
"General approaches "
"Incorporating both analytical and human dimensions "
"Standardize vocabulary and agree on a toolset "
"Broaden and strengthen senior managers as a strategic leadership team "
"Build a strategy support team to serve as champions for the strategy process "
"Raise the bar for more effective strategic leadership in the middle of the organization "
"Moving the “we/they” line "
"Definition of Leadership"
"The Role of Strategic Leadership in Organization"
"Strategic Leadership in Non-Profit Sector"
"Talent advocate "
"Global thinker"
"Change driver"
"Enterprise Guardian "
"Strategic Management Process"
"Clarify Your Vision"
"Gather and Analyze Information"
"Formulate a Strategy"
"Implement Your Strategy"
"Evaluate and Control"
"How Does a Leader Lead?"
"Challenges for Leaders"
"The Impact of These Challenges"
"How to Adjust and Overcome Challenges"
"Don’t Deny Your Gut"
"Seek Smart Help"
"Be Curious"
"Ask for Opposing Points of View"
"Communicating Is Listening"
"Be Confident"
"Be a Servant Leader"
"Have Integrity"
"Be Decisive"
"Be Passionate"

Application Features:

Category menu
Contains a collection of categories of all material / theory

Bookmark / Favorite
You can save all theories on this menu to read later.

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