Buttocks and Legs In 21 Days - Butt & Legs Workout APK

Buttocks and Legs In 21 Days - Butt & Legs Workout

Buttocks and legs workout for women. Female fitness app.


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Mar 19, 2021

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Buttocks and Legs In 21 Days - Butt & Legs Workout App

Buttocks and legs 21 day challenge - Butt and Legs exercises

This application is ideal for those who want to lose cellulite, feel the body tonus and be in good shape.Trainings consist of 24 different butt exercises, legs exercises, glutes exercises, which can be done at home without taking much time.

All programs have been elaborated by professional fitness coaches and divided into two levels of difficulty:

- Beginner - for people who are new to physical activities.
- Advanced - for experienced ready to tests themselves.
- Hard - for experienced athletes ready to tests themselves.

Formation of good habit takes 21 days, that is why each program of training is effective for three weeks in order to make physical activity an integral part of your life and help you have the desired shape.For maximum effect, we strongly recommend to keep to the program by the elaborated schedule and stick to a good diet🍏.

If you have some restrictions: injuries, headaches, illnesses, consult with a doctor before starting physical activities. We are not responsible for injuries that you may suffer during trainings.


- Different buttocks, legs, hips workouts every day
- Increases exercise intensity step by step
- Animations and video guidance
- Workout reminders
- Achievement and point system to motivate you
- 24 exercises including squat, lunge, jumps and many others

Looking for efficient butt workout? No buttocks workout? No suitable glutes workout? Try our glutes workout! We prepared different hips, buttocks and legs workouts for you, and all of our workouts are popular and professional. Beautiful buttocks and legs are within your reach with our app. Our butt workout is your best choice! Want Brazilian butt?

Workout at Home
Take a few minutes a day to shape your buttocks and legs with our workout at home to get Brazilian butt. No equipment needed, just use your body weight to butt workout at home.

Booty Workout
Effective booty workout is designed to help you get a beautiful buttocks. Try our booty workout now!

Tone your legs hips and buttocks with us!
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