A game suitable for kids of all ages.

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Buttons is a free time based round matching game suitable for kids of all age.

Buttons features game cards that you will have to match correctly before the time is up. the game starts with providing you 100 seconds to quickly swap the cards around, and upon completion the amount of time you have is decreased, making the game harder and harder, pushing your reaction and reflexes to the limit.

But have no fear, to aid you in this, there is a REFRESH button that you can use up to 3 times, along with a FIND button to help you find matching links.

Buttons is an addictive race against time, and it gets harder each round. Have Fun!

We say buttons too much, perhaps there is no button.


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Buttons 1.0

Updated: 2015-01-07 (5 years ago)

1.0 (1) 2016-06-25