C# Asp.net Tutorial App APK

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C# Asp.net App Provide App Tutorila,InterView And Practical Sesion. Features Of App: 1.Tutorial in C#.net: 2.Overview of HTML 3.Structure of HTML document Formatting text with HTML how to add local and remote links in asp .net 4.How to creating lists in HTML 5.how to creating tables in HTML 6.how to creating client-side and server-side image maps 7.Overview of .NET framework 8. .NET architecture 9. .NET base classes 10 Introduction to C#, Visual Studio 11 Type System and Common Language Specification 12.Comparison between ADO and ADO.NET 13.SQL managed providers, Accessing XML through ADO.NET 14. Data binding in ADO.NET 15.Introduction to SQL Server. 16.executing stored procedures Practical Sesion in C#.net: 1.Create Asp.net Web Project 2.Design Web Form 3.Create Database Connection 4.Conection Asp.net To Database 5.Create Table In Database 6. Ad Button Code 7.Insert Button Code 8.Search Button Code 9.Delete Button Code 10.Clear Button Code 11.Exite Button Code InterView Question In in C#.net: 1. What is an Object and a Class 2. What are the fundamental OOP concepts 3. What is Managed and Unmanaged code 4. What is an Interface 5. What are the different types of classes in C# 6. Explain Namespaces in C# 7. What is “using” statement in C# 8. What is an Abstract Class 9. What is Reflection in C# 10. What are Async and Await 11. What is a Generic Class 12. What is .net Framwork 13. What is ASP.NET 14. What are the different validators in ASP.NET 15. Client-Side Validation 16. Server-Side Validation 17. What is Ajax in ASP.NET

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