The classic Cactus Run experience: No in-app purchases, just cacti


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Jun 12, 2024
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Cactus Run Classic - Dino jump GAME

Cactus Run Classic - Dino jump is a quick and easy game where you, a cactus, have to avoid the dinosaurs who are trying to get you.
Cactus Run Classic gives you the classic Cactus Run experience: No in in-app purchases, no nonsense, just cacti and dinos.

Cactus Run is available for Android and Wear OS.

- Really easy to play
- Opposite world more: Enter the crazy world where not the cacti have to watch out for the dinos, but the dinos for the cacti
- Offline playable
- Dark and light mode available for Cactus Run on Android devices (smartphones, tablets); Cactus Run on Wear OS is always in dark mode to save battery
- Save your personal highscore
- You can help cacti in their eternal struggle against dinos

Some background on the struggle between cacti and dinosaurs:

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a group of dinosaurs who lived in a lush and fertile valley. They were a happy and peaceful bunch, and spent their days eating, playing, and lounging in the warm sun.
One day, however, a group of cactuses appeared on the edge of the valley. The cactuses were strange and mysterious creatures, with spiky green bodies and sharp thorns. They seemed to have a mind of their own, and would often move around on their own, as if they were alive.
The dinosaurs were fascinated by the cactuses, and they began to visit them often, trying to learn more about these strange creatures. But the cactuses were not friendly, and they would often prick the dinosaurs with their sharp thorns whenever they got too close.
The dinosaurs were puzzled by the cactuses' behavior, and they tried to find a way to communicate with them. But no matter what they did, the cactuses remained aloof and distant, always ready to strike out with their thorns.
Finally, the dinosaurs had had enough. They decided to declare war on the cactuses, and gathered together to form a battle plan.
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