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Caddy Card APK

Be your own caddy and keep a helpful 'Caddy Card'.

Version1.2 (2)
UpdatedApr 01, 2014 (7 years ago)
DeveloperDavid Harris
CategoryApps, Sports

One of the critical functions of a professional golf caddy is to aid his player in club selection. To this end he has a 'caddy card' listing the distances his player hits each club in his bag,.Conditions play a vital part of course, in particular the effects of wind, carry and roll. Us amateurs have to work it out for ourselves, and this little app helps by standing in as a 'caddy card' on your Android phone. When you sign in and indicate roughly the sort of player you are, a set of default distances for typical clubs are noted for you. After telling the app what clubs you have in your bag then every time you 'make your shot' and enter the distance your 'nav' device displays, a helpful choice of club will be presented for you. Clearly, guesses are of little long-term use, so a simple feedback process refines the 'notes' on your 'caddy card' to get closer and closer to how you personally hit each club. No more illegal than a paper notepad, you will be delighted with how your game improves. Note that by its presence on the course, this app is really only suitable for 'phones - tablets being just too cumbersome.


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