Calculator Vault: Hide Photos & Videos APK

Keep safe and hide Photos, Videos, Document also App Lock secretly in calculator

Version1.17 (17)
UpdatedMar 13, 2020 (3 months ago)
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This Calculator Vault for hide photos, hide videos, hide documents and use app lock secretly

Calculator Vault in amazing functional app lock and hide photos, videos so that hidden pictures not visible in phone gallery

This Calculator Vault app is designed as simple calculator. Calculator vault app open only by secret code that is set by you otherwise it functional as simple calculator. This way no one knows your mobile had installed picture, video hide lock app and you can secretly hide pictures to keep safe from others by this Smart Calculator vault app


- Hide Calculator Vault app: Hide this calculator vault app from app list without anyone knowing about this app
- Intruder Selfie: Selfie will be automatically taken of person who trying to break calculator vault app lock security with wrong PIN or pattern
- Enabling Face Down from settings will let you set the action of taking care when someone came suddenly and you just face down your phone and calculator vault will close immediately. for example close app, open another app or open any website
- Uninstall protections: App support "Calculator Vault App Protection” to prevent calculator vault from being uninstalled by kids or strangers and protect photos, videos and app locker

This Calculator Vault uses the Device Administrator permission
You can enable accessibility service for Calculator vault app from Applock's Settings. By enabling accessibility service Calculator vault app can provide you faster app lock and saves battery power. We make sure that calculator vault app only uses information that is required for app lock improvements and nothing else.

NOTE: Please make sure that when you run any cleaner app you don't delete ‘/storage/emulated/0/.HidePhotoCalculatorVault/’ directory as it will lead you to lose your files from Calculator vault


(Q) How can I recover My password?
Click on the Lock icon that show on right side of top Login screen >> Now you will receive your password in your mail that you have registered with us

(Q) How to open hide Calculator vault app?
Copy this link: http://hide-photo.com/calc.html then paste into your browser (Google Chrome) then click on “Click to open Calculator Vault app”

(Q) What if I uninstall Calculator Vault from my device?
Before uninstalling this app it would be better to unhide your data. As it may lead to lose of your files if you are not gone reinstall app

(Q) How can I make sure my files never lost?
For that DO NOT delete, rename or move this folder or file from '/storage/emulated/0/.HidePhotoCalculatorVault/'

(Q) Is app restores my data if I reinstall app?
Yes, if Backup is found then it will restore the data

Contact us on hidephotoandvideo@gmail.com, If you have any problems.

Email: hidephotoandvideo@gmail.com

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