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calculets: Math games for kids mental calculation

1.1.43 · Jan 17, 2021

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Version1.1.43 (43)
UpdatedJan 17, 2021
DeveloperLearning Loops
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calculets: Math games for kids mental calculation game

Math games & Math exercises: Add, subtract, multiply and divide.

🎈 calculets: Very simple math game for initial arithmetic.
Practice math operations:
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

How to play calculets?

START: Upon starting, after choosing one of the three available levels, you will find:
- 6 numbers inside bubbles, in the central square
- one more number (the "target number"), at the bottom right of the screen

WIN: To win you have to reach the "target number",
combining the numbers inside the bubbles with the available mathematical operations:
+ addition
- subtraction
× multiplication
÷ division

HOW THE BUBBLES COMBINE: Drag two bubbles, one after the other, to the box with the + symbol, and they will automatically merge into a new bubble with the number corresponding to their sum.
And the same for subtracting, multiplying or dividing:
drag the bubbles to the boxes marked -, × & ÷

sssshhh ... a tip:
To undo an operation: double-tap a pink bubble to re-divide it into the two original bubbles.

Play Calculates now!
Math games for mental calculation
Enjoy this math exercises games
It's a fun math game to practice math facts


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