Call of Kings is a role-playing game of placement.


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Sep 18, 2023

Call of Kings GAME

In this placement-based strategy RPG, you'll play as an adventurer, gather and build a legendary hero team just for you, evolve and improve the heroes' abilities, lead many soldiers and alliance friends to join hands to repel the minions of the evil gods and save the continent of Selaria!

# Game features #
■ Summon poker heroes and form a hero team
Unlock the Hero Inn and summon legendary heroes from all five camps.
Learn about each hero's professional characteristics and skills, and form a five-player team that works with each other.
Hone your team of heroes in real-life battles and progress from common, rare, epic, legendary to mythical!
Jack, Queen, King. Open any regular deck of playing cards and you'll see your heroes: Jack of Clubs - Lancelot, Queen of Spades - Athena, and King of Clubs - Alexander. Collect your own hero playing cards!

■ Easy idle game experience
You can play whenever you want and stop whenever you want. Anytime, anywhere, online or offline. Build your army of heroes and soldiers and they will automatically fight for you. One-click operation, level transfer, non-destructive reset, easy progression.

■ PVE gameplay is diverse and doesn't repeat itself every day
Diverse Rogue-like gameplay such as Expeditionary Secret Realm and Lost Fantasy Realm, testing your team's command ability;
The main line copies, old memories, dragon strait, etc. to verify your familiarity with the hero team and skill restraint ability;

■ Strategic and fair battles
Ace duel and chaos of Yoshi, absolutely fair pvp battlefield.
Strategically deploy your lineup to defeat your enemies in battle.

■ Rich game play
Plenty of placement, combat, secrets, quests, collecting, and raising!
Real-time battles, match-3 synthesis, roguelike mazes, and other diverse gameplay. Simple and fun, ready to play!
Continuously updated exciting content waiting for you to experience!

■ Guild system, fight with partners
Join a guild for faster growth and challenge guild copies for luxurious rewards. Form the strongest guild with other players and fight to become the most powerful camp in Thrawn!
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