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Sep 9, 2022
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Caller Location APP

Caller Location Display Location of every incoming caller overlaid over call screen. Caller Location is the only app that displays location of caller and show location of your contacts by area wise.

Caller Location displays location of caller with City, State information of the caller overlaid over call screen (Some times only State information). Call Location is sometimes very important when you have to decide whether or not to pick a call from unknown numbers. Pick up calls from numbers not in your address book with confidence when you use Caller Location.

Best Caller located app. Easy to use and never comes in the way of your call.

Caller Location Also Include Call Recorder and Call Blocker.
Call Recorder: You can record any call to play it back again and never miss details from a phone call. Call Recorder is overlaid over your phone call so that you can chose to record a phone while in process. Call Recorder saves your recorded phone calls that can be accessed from Call Records from app any time. Due to technology limitations, Call recording is only available for Android 9 and below.

Call Blocker: Block any unwanted calls with single touch and block all spam phone calls. You can also manually add and remove entries from Blocked Numbers. Call Blocker appears when phone rings so you can block unwanted or spam phone calls immediately. Due to technology limitations, Call blocker is not available on android 8.x and 9.x versions.

Caller Location now comes with More Features:
1. Contacts Location: View all your contacts location sorted by Caller Name. You can Track Contacts by Contact Location.
2. Call Recorder and Call Blcoker: Call Record and Call Blocker overlaid over every incoming call for you. Easily record a call with oen tap. Block any number with easy to block feature.
3. Search Mobile Phone Location: Search by a phone number and find the location of mobile phone by City or State.
4. ISD Number Search: Search and find ISD Code for various countries. Useful for people looking for ISD and STD Codes.

Track Caller Locations and Sort the contacts by Call locations with Caller Location App.

Privacy: We take privacy very serious and do not transmit any personal information outside your phone. Your Phone book or any call information will stay with in your device and we never send the information to any server.
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