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Jul 1, 2020

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Caller Name Announcer APP

Caller Name Announcer instantly identifies and informs you about incoming calls and SMS messages with an audio feature to announce caller with his/her name, caller id or sms message content. The best call announcer app to get easily notified about the caller id or SMS sender in the situations when you cannot look at your phone – when you are driving or when your phone is simply in your pocket! Find out who is the caller immediately without even touching your phone with features like, speak caller name or announce SMS messages content!

Caller Name Announcer is highly applicable in situations like if you are driving and your phone is in your pocket or some one sends you an SMS while your phone is in other room. This talking caller id will announce with the caller name announcer or sms sender name that will awake your mind. Caller Name announcer announces every thing while some one is calling you or send you a message, you will identify it with out looking to your smart phone. Caller name announcer announces the caller name with this calling app the instant you receive an incoming call or SMS text messages.

This is a powerful caller ID number calling app Android app, that finds out who called you immediately, even before you take out your phone and see the screen to check contact number or the message in this caller name announcer. Phone caller number. This application is a caller name talker which speaks out the incoming caller name , message sender name and message contents so you can identify who is calling and who sent you sms text message without looking into your phone. It voices the caller id of the calling person over your phone’s ringtone.

Caller name speaker will not work if your smart phone does not have text-to-speech library but this is not a problem you can easily download it from Google play store. Caller name Talker is an incoming call announcer and caller name talker app which identify whos calling. Identify caller Id and calling app like this caller name announcer.

Caller Name Speaker is a Phone number or Caller Name Talker application. Caller Name Speaker announces the name or the number of incoming call or SMS. Caller Name Speaker can also read the content of SMS. Caller name talker is an announcer app which announces who is calling you or sent you an sms or messages.

Automatic Flash On Call & SMS
Bright Free Flash on call and SMS alerts application. Pretty useful flash alerts in dark places or in meetings where ringtones or vibrations causes disturbance. Flash alerts on call is a smart tool to remind you of incoming call or SMS with camera flashlight. So this flash on call and flash on SMS notify you by flash alerts with LED blinks.

Flash On Call and Flash on SMS will use your device camera flashlight to start blinking when receiving a call or an SMS. Flash on Call and SMS will make your life easier by letting you know about every call and SMS through flash blinks, that if your mobile device is mostly silent you are bound to miss.

Our call announcer for Android has the following powerful features:

Caller Name Announcer or caller name speaker Announces

✔ Highly Customize your Caller Name Talker
✔ Enable or Disable Caller Name Announcer, SMS sender name and SMS contents reading
✔ Enable or Disable Caller Name speaker or SMS announcer in Silent or Vibratory mode
✔ Set number, delay time between announcements or speed for announcements
✔ Customize your ring tones ( Ring tones, Alarm tone, Notification tone )
✔ Manage volume settings ( Ring volume, Music volume, Alarm Volume )
✔ Text to Speech settings ( Language, Volume, Speed )
✔ Different languages for text to speech ( 40 + Languages supported or Multi language support )

Special Highlights:
- Caller Name Talker ON / OFF.
- SMS Sender Speaker ON / OFF.
- Speech Rate Control.
- Ring Volume Control.
- Speech Volume Control.

This is an awesome announce caller app!
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