Description: Caller Name Speaker APK
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UpdatedMay 06, 2019 (11 months ago)
Release dateMay 06, 2019 (11 months ago)
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Caller Name speaker or Caller Name ringtone or Caller Name talker

Free Caller Name announcer - Caller Name Talker speaks everything while someone is calling you or send you a message, identify without looking to your android smart phone.

Call Name Announcer - Speaks caller name of incoming phone calls, SMS Sender Name & reduce its ringtone volume.

Free Caller Name announcer - Caller Name Talker will read out the incoming caller name for you it will even read out the SMS sender name as well as read the SMS content for you. This is a highly useful feature for a lot of busy people.

voice caller id let you know whose calling
Free Caller Name announcer - Caller Name Talker work as assistant for you to tell you the name of the incoming caller.

incoming caller name announcer - announcer pro is a Phone number or Caller Name Talker application.
Caller name - Caller Name Speaker announces the name and the number of incoming call or SMS
Caller Name Speaker - Caller name App read the content of incoming SMS.


How user can get your Android to speak the name of the person who’s calling you aloud. For me the feature is useful while you are driving, but it can be used anytime you want to know who’s calling you without looking at the phone’s screen.

Caller Name announcer - Free Caller Name Talker helpful in a situation like when you are driving or busy in some other work.

Name Announcer pro will inform you loudly that who is calling and you can easily decide that the call is important or not.
Feature of Caller name Announcer Pro

Caller Name announcer - Free Caller Name Talker is a low memory consumption and low battery consumption application.

announcer pro: Enable/disable speaking caller name.
incoming caller announcer: Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name and contents of the SMS.

callers name announcer: Enable/disable incoming SMS sender name only.

Caller name announcer will not work in silent mode enable too loud mode.
Important Note: Caller name announcer pro use Google text library to speech if your android phone is missing this library caller name announcer will not work. Google text library to speech is easily available and you can download it to use caller name talker application.

Caller name announcer: speaks sender name loudly and contents of message.
Caller name talker: Change repeat mode announcements.
Caller name Choosing delay time between announcements in caller name announcer settings section.

Caller name announcer - announcer pro announces the caller information that are stored in the contact list. Caller name announcer cannot do identification of incoming caller if the name of the caller is not exist in contact list.

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