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Canaries are beloved birds, known for their beautiful voices. Now you can access their beautiful songs with this app, now you can listen to awesome bird melodies coming from different varieties of canaries, whenever your phone makes a sound.

Canaries are found wild in nature but also kept as domesticated pets. These yellow or orange feathered songbirds pleasantly chirp and tweet musical melodies that will delight your ears! Take a listen to these sweet canaries singing, and you'll imagine them perched happily in a tree or flying gracefully overhead. These canary sounds can be used for fun listening (kids love this!) or can even be used to help identify canaries in the wild during birdwatching expeditions.

Features :
-Set as ringtone.
-Set as notification tone.
-Set as alarm tone.

Check out the app now to access beautiful canary songs you can listen to anytime. You can even share your favorite sounds with friends!

varieties of canaries:
- Breeds of Song Canaries
- German Roller Canary German Harzer Roller
- Belgian Waterslager / Belgian Malinois Waterslager
- Spanish Timbrados
- American Singer Canary
- Island Canary
- Canary Singing Blackstrout
- Champion Canary Singing

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