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New candy 3 match puzzle. Download jewel game three in a row matching for all.

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Do you like puzzles? Then you will definitely enjoy the game Candy match 3! She will not let you get bored at your leisure, she will invigorate your head and keep your brains in good shape. Collect 3 candies in a row and get points. Compete with your friends and find out who will be able to recruit the most. Download Candy Merge and enjoy an interesting gameplay!
How to play

When you enter the game, in front of you will be a wall of 50 candies. They are all different colors: blue, green, red, pink and orange. Your task is to collect candies of the same color so that they stand in a row. When you collect three in a row or more, the candies will disappear, and new ones will appear in their place.

To move the sweets, you need to click on them: click on the candy you want to move, and it will blink. After that, click on any of the candies next to it, and then your chosen candy will take its place. You can move the sweetness in any direction: up, down, left, or right.

Above the wall you will see the number 20. This is the number of steps you can take. Any movement of the candy is considered one step. The game will end when their number is exhausted, but the good news is that this stock can be replenished. Every time you collect candies 3 in a row, you get one extra step. That way you can play all day, if you do everything right.

On the left you will see the inscription Score: this is the number of points scored. For each correct action you will receive one point. By the way, when you collect candy of the same color three in a row, in their place sweets of the same color, but of a different form, are formed. These are unique bonuses: collect them together to get even more points and steps. There are a lot of different bonuses in this puzzle game, so you won’t be bored!

If you run out of steps and lose, you will have two choices. You can start all over again or watch ads and get 50 extra steps - everything is very simple! Do not worry: points are saved. In the menu you will see the maximum result that you managed to achieve.


Why is the logic game Candy match 3 worthy of your attention? There are several answers to this question:
intuitive gameplay: just collect 3 candies in a row and accumulate points;
the game is suitable for people of all ages: it will appeal to both children and adults;
relaxing background music: it does not distract, but, on the contrary, gives even more pleasure in the process;
useful for thinking: this puzzle game will train your mind and increase attentiveness;
for any device: Candy three in row is undemanding, so it is suitable for any modern Android phone or tablet;
addictive gameplay: in Candy three in row you can spend hours on end and not even notice how time flies;
colorful graphics: a bright picture attracts attention and makes the application run again and again.
How many points can you score?
At first glance, this puzzle game seems simple. But after playing at least half an hour, you will understand that it requires attentiveness and logical thinking. Collecting three candies in a row is not always easy, and the steps are diminished with each move, so you need to always stay alert. In order not to lose you will have to try hard and often think a few steps forward. How long can you hold out?
Download the logic game Candy match 3 and test yourself for your intelligence! It will help you pass the time, use your brain and train your thinking. Install the application on your smartphone and enjoy the exciting game play. Good luck!
P.S: We welcome reviews and suggestions for improvement, do not compare the game with 🍬rash and 🍬 rash as there is a completely different principe.
Soon we will add more animation and match 3 levels.
You will be able to choose which icons to use:
cake match 3
3 jewels match

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