Capture photos with an unlock my phone APK

this application helps to searches your phone when you don't see it.

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UpdatedJun 01, 2019 (2 years ago)
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Show Intruders with Photo application develop for all android user who want more security about their phone.

If somebody touched your phone without your permission and tried to unblocked your phone.

Here you can easily show you the face of the intruder, Find out who touched your phone at any time.

With this application you will catch them on your phone with photograph.

Now a day somebody attempts to unlock your phone & phone security must be important now a day, but you will not catch them who tries to unlock your phone without your permission.

Who Unlocked My Phone application helps to searches your phone when you don't see it.

You definately need an application which will allow you to identify a person who unblock your phone.

This application will help you to track a person who unlocks your phone or just tries to do it entering the wrong password.

To uninstall this application, you need to revoke Administrator permission.

Features :-

* Show Intruders with Photo will capture the photograph of person who tried to unlock your phone.
* Easy to get notification of fail password attempts detected.
* Show intruder's photograph after unlock with date & time.
* Show photo of intrusion.
* Enable device admins to get notified on wrong password attempts.
* Setting for alarm alert on notification bar.
* Intruders photo capture after three fail attempts to unlock your device.
* Show intruder phoro with date & time, so easy to show intruder data on your phone.
* Setting for sound alert if wrong password attempts.

Easily track who unlocked your device without your permission with "Show Intruders with Photo - Who Unlocked My Phone" application & free from your phone.

Email: dirk.lerma2020@gmail.com

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