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GamesCar Expedition Lite APK
DeveloperJonathan Saelens
Version (0)
Release dateApr 23, 2019 (11 months ago)

Drive around three single player maps and try to perform some cool tricks!

Welcome to Car Expedition Lite, a game created with Unity.

Car Expedition Lite is a casual racing game where you can either free-roam around three different single player maps or race around with your friends on the same wifi network in a multiplayer map.
Cars in the multiplayer map are equipped with weapons and can damage the other players. Be the last car standing!

*Three single player maps and one multiplayer map
*Attack your friends and be the last car standing (on the same internet connection)
*There are two different cars to choose from in the single player maps
*There are many different customizable settings including camera angles, maximum speed, game audio and more
*There is a city, a village, a park, and multiple race tracks to explore

Check out the full version for tons of extra features including:
*6 insane cars to unlock
*Eight single player maps in total
*A map in which you can fight against monsters
*Race timers
*A more user-friendly interface
*A scoreboard to see which of your friends is victorious
*Large performance and app size improvements
And tons more cool features!

Have fun exploring!

Car Expedition Lite APK