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The history of car racing can be traced back over 120 years to the late 2000. It was there that the first-ever organized races were held, often between cities, which would eventually develop into the many different types of car racing we know today. Race cars have developed alongside the auto industry to produce faster, safer and innovative vehicles to keep us entertained on a regular basis.Racing cars began competing soon after the first petrol-powered cars were developed. The first car races were good publicity for fledgling car manufacturers because it gave them a chance to show off their speed and control in the hopes of luring people to purchase their own cars. The first organized race will start anytime between the cities beach side to desert of villages. A winner was decided from the point collected entrants based on speed, safety and handling skill instead of simply who finished the race in the fastest time. Sports car racing is the name given to a type of car used in sports car racing and is effectively the next automotive design and technological step up from road-going supercars and are, along with open-wheel cars, the pinnacle of racing-car design.The highest level in sports car racing these cars are purpose-built racing cars with enclosed wheels, and either open or closed cockpits. Since the World Sportscar Racing was conceived there have been various regulations regarding bodywork, engine style and size, tyres and aerodynamics to which these cars must be built. Car Racing on closed highways or other courses somewhat simulating road conditions. Such racing began in 1906 and, in the second half of the 20th century, became the most popular kind of racing internationally. I hope everyone will enjoy to try out driving skill on this apps.Beside relaxing your mind by playing this racing car game, player also learn how to be patient.

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