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The trend is always rolling. While vehicle owners always want to keep abreast of these trends. Old school, sporty, and elegant are trend models that can be chosen. One of the car spare parts that has always undergone a change in model is the car wheels. Special car wheels, it seems this part is very mandatory to consider in modifying a car. For those of you who like car modification, looking for racing wheels that are suitable for car tires must be the first plan when you want to make the car look more attractive. But wait, before deciding to buy car wheels, it helps you pay attention to the safety and comfort of these wheels. Therefore, here are tips for choosing car wheels for modification that you can make a reference before buying the right wheels for your car.

First wheel width, remember! Near the tire is a car fender that you should pay attention to before installing the wheels. To adjust it to the car's fender, it's a good idea to pay attention to the width of the wheels so that you don't change the parts of the car so that the car's road becomes blocked. If you want to install alloy wheels in small cars, it's a good idea to choose wheels that have a width of 7 inches, medium 8 inches, and saloon of about 10 inches. If it's right at this size, you should also check it again when installing alloy wheels on the car tires to make sure more. This is very important as a tips for choosing car wheels for modification.

The second wheel design, do not put the wheel design on certain cars. If your car is a city car, it's a good idea to install the alloy wheels to make the appearance of the car modification not tacky and more pleasing to the eye. If your car is a sedan type, the monoblock type alloy wheels are perfect for modifying your sedan. To be more sure, you can consult the workshop that usually modifies various types of cars so that the results are better.

Third, the size of the wheels, this size is also tips for choosing car wheels that are very important to note in car modification. Car wheels have different diameters so you must adjust the size of the car tires. If your car is a small car, install wheels with a diameter of 17 inches. If it's a big car? The right size of alloy wheels is 18 to 20 inches. Well, just adjust to the type of car
who wants to be modified.

And the last is Offset wheels, you have to adjust the wheel position with the fender lips. If the factory standard size is 30, you should look for larger sizes of alloy wheels so you can go deeper. If you want to stick to the lips of the fender, then choose wheels with a smaller size.

Here we display the most complete car design, as an inspiration for you to choose car alloy wheels to make it look more fashionable and interesting to see. And you can choose the best material for your car wheels because it will increase the feeling of comfort and safety when you drive a car. So we help you in providing the best car alloy designs that we collect in this one application. Thanks .

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